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Big trip planned help needed lots of media attention

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Hi all ... I'm a newbie... I've been given a task to paramotor from John o groats to lands end... June/July 2018.... so I need a good instructor with equipment.. I know this has been done before and I've been in touch with them and they have given me advice, points, routes and equipment I would need. I have buisness sponsors etc and already had some media coverage, this could be good for any club etc... so help needed who's up for an adventure ?

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Welcome to the Paramotor Club. :-) 

The lands end to JOG flight is deffo an interesting adventure. When we did it in 2007 one of the big problems for me as the organiser was to tie in at locations with the media. We have around 20 meetings arranged with various people across the UK. It went off to a good start with Devon and Cornwall covering the story, but from there on in, it was almost impossible to predict where we would be and when we would be there. So off that back of this experience I would suggest that you appoint a 'Media Co-ordinator' for the duration of your trip. 

We would of course be happy to teach you the easy bit (the flying). :-) give me a quick buzz for a chat.


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Nice chatting. Hopefully gave you some things to think about. 

Good luck with your efforts and if I can help in any way please just shout. :-) (you have my number) 

This is the website for the Navigation company who I am sure will sponsor your Navigation hardware and software http://www.airboxaero.com/ Please do mention that we spoke. 

This may also tickle you :-) These guys did what you are going to do. (except to Dover rather than Land's end) enjoy! lolol


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