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Parajet Micro


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Hi All,

Finaly got round to trying the Parajet Micro at Simons the other day and must admit I was impressed.

As the regulars on here will know I normaly Fly an Adventure A3 which has high hang points so was a bit concerned about trying the low hang point of the micro expecting it to be very lively in comparison.

Well I was pleasently surprised that although it does transmit more information about what the wing was doing above me it was in no way as scary as I had imagined in fact I felt very secure and comfortable in the air.

There was plenty of thrust from the unit probably more than my Adventure and it fired me off the ground with ease on what was a light wind day. Pretty easy to get into the seat as well thanks to Simons tips on how to adjust it for me.

The cage is so small that the lines did'nt even touch it on a forward launch. Realy enjoyed the weight shift aspect of the motor and entertained myself with circling the field in both directions hands off just by leaning in the desired direction.

Not that keen on the throttle design but that is probably just a matter of getting used to it. It just felt a bit clumsy also its on the opposite side from what Im used to right handed opposed to my normal left hand throttle on the Adventure. Im sure that a few more flights and it would start to feel more natural (Hint). The action on the throttle was very smooth and progressive.

Also I didnt have anywhere near as much tourqe steer as my Adventure and flying in a straight line hands off was a no brainer just look where you want to go and it went.

All in all a lovely machine to fly. Very comfortable, plenty of thrust, responsive and secure.

Thanks for letting me have a go Simon was much appreciated and must admit I would really like one. I'll have to get some O/T at work sorted out. :lol:

Cheers Col....

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I guess if you fitted a replacement hand grip suited for the side you are used to and re-routed it to your preferred side it would probably invalidate the warranty. Perhaps it might be possible to show it to Parajet after modification so they can say if they are prepared to continue the warranty. Just a thought.

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I'm pretty sure that the throttle can be mounted either side so not really an issue and as I said in my post more than likely a few more flights would get me used to it same as jumping in a new car with the indicators and windscreen wipers on the opposit side from the old one a few journys and it feels natural but those first two or three times you'll do the wrong one.

Cheers Col...

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If you reverse the side the throttle is located then you need to consider if the hand grip has buttons (ie start or kill switches) that are not centrally located and therfore biased for either the right or left thumb.

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