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Ppg setup for newbie

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chasrho, I hear ya. I'm in the same situation. Most instructors I've interacted with don't "rent" gear. The only one I've heard of doing this is down in florida (aviatorPPG). And I think BlackHawk does it if you agree to buy from them (I think) but...I'm not too keen on their gear...Just doesn't look like I'd be happy with it (preference, not badmouthing anybody). This sport just isn't big enough here me thinks. Maybe some day there will be enough students to justify having gear for student use. Most of the instructors seem to be individuals without the means to have multiple gear setups.

In any case, I'm goin with the parajet Zenith, Bailey V5, Macpara Charger 24 (IN BLUE!! :-) ). My instructor told me to pick a harness/engine combo that would work with my size and weight (actually suggested the top 80 since I'm not very big, but IMO, I'm set on getting that sweet sweet 4 stroke sexiness), and steered me to the charger since it has lots of speed control to play with without getting too crazy. And again, 24 meter since it works with my weight. So that's my story and soon to be setup. I think we just gotta sell what we don't like later. Not the best situation....New here. Nice to meetcha.

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