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Training bargain?

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To start I'm no expert, however am currently being trained so have made all the call and spoken to a lot of schools recently.

what I found was a few that wanted to train in a week which seems like a good idea at the start but now that I have started the training I hate to think of trying to fit it all in a week! Also the prospect of getting to the end without confidence.


i found two schools I was happy with for two reasons. Firstly quite a few would not accommodate me due to my weight (115kg) which now carrying out my training turns out not to be a big deal (as long as they have the right kit) which sadly a lot don't. 

Secondly the way that a lot of schools I spoke to put a time limit on the training.

Again I'm no expert and only commenting from my current experience in the training stage I'm 6 days in and to think if I only had one day left I would be no where near finished! I think the point is everyone learns at different rates and to put a time scale on that is crazy.


the two schools I found happy with from all the calls I made?

Simon at paramotor training

and Clive mason at CM paramotor.


that's not to say that there are not others out there but from all my calls these two seemed the best option for me and I was happy to go with either one.

My two cents :) I think it's best to call around and talk to the instructors and get a feel for how they work and see what you are getting and not just go with best price or fastest compleation.


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