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My new Paramotor vlog.

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I thought I would give the vlogging thing a try as I have just received my new Paramotor & I saw an opportunity to fill a gap in the UK regarding info on Paramotors & flying in general.

It's a bit of a shakey start, I'm already finding out that it isn't as easy as it looks.

I have got lots of ideas for improvements & ideas for more videos, including a mini 5 minute series of video's on things like how I transport the Paramotor. Mixing, storing & carrying fuel, etc.

Happy to hear feedback on how to improve the videos & suggestions for anything else people want me to cover...


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Watched this earlier on.. Great video.   Perfect for me, as i am lining up to pull the trigger on the exact same machine.

You mentioned about ideas for carrying fuel etc.  Thats the one area where i have a concern..  Nothing worse than a car that smells of petrol!   The carry case looks great, but i am thinking a towbar and bike rack might be a better option for me


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Aidi, I have another video in the pipeline which hopefully will be useful to you. I am just in the process of modding my towbar rack to carry the Maverick (it worked great with the Bulldog). I plan to discuss in a bit more detail the methods I have tried & why they were good or bad.


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