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"Design my rig" - short, lightweight newbie pilot

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Hi all,

Been browsing around the forums for a while and hoping to settle in - really like the community feel here!

I'm looking to take up paramotoring in about a year's time (need to save up without affecting my monthly savings/financials too significantly). Plan is to take the BHPA or PMC course (Membury a bit far from my location, but not entirely out of the question as I have family I regularly visit in Devon). I see there's a paramotor school in my area (Cambridge) but they don't seem to have BHPA accreditation, which is a personal preference.

Everything I read suggests to make equipment purchases after the training, which make sense and is advice I'll follow.

With that in mind, I'm interested in what people might think is a good setup for a newbie who is short and light (5'5, 70kg). Is it worth looking to save towards something like the Maverick (Simon's write up did an excellent salesman job on me), or AC Nitro 200...or would these simply be overkill? Are certain frame designs tougher for short arses, or is it just a non-issue? Similar question on wings - advice seems to be to go for the stable, newbie wings and self preservation means I'll likely go that way. However, as someone towards the lighter end of the ratings, is it conceivable to go for something smaller/faster that has less risk of being grown out of very quickly?

Suspect I know the answer...at a stage where I'm looking at kit and dreaming of flying...this is just to further fuel those dreams :P.




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