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hellow iam from greek

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Hellow. Iam petros from greek, and now live with friend in UK. I want try to fly with motor, and live in the middlelands down M1 from Chesterfield.

Can a person train my near my home, and how much this cost me. My girlfriend helps me speak english better.. I like diesel motor better than petrol. Where can I buy a diesel engine

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Hello Francis. This is Jean, Petros girlfriend. Petros lives in East Crete, near malia, and fly's Paragliders. He spends about six months a year in the uk.

He lost his main site near Avdou , as they have changed the airspace for military low flying. His problem is finding suitable landing sites.

He wants to learn to fly paramotors in the UK, and is excited that you can supply a deisel engine. Petrol in cans in Crete in summer is very dangerous. There are many fires, which causes a lot of damage.

Can he have some pictures of the motor, and how much do they cost.

Looking at his mail, you can understand why we call him flip-flop . We live south of Chesterfield close to the side of the M1

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Can you really get a diesel paramotor? I must admit I had thought of a single cylinder fixed rpm unit with a variable belt drive to control the prop speed. Great MPG, reliability, quiet, but nearly as heavy as a Parajet!

I have searched lister/peter and kubota but can't find anything small/light enough. What unit are you thinking of Francis?


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sorry, I was pulling Petros leg. He's going up to Airways to get trained and I suggested an electric unit from parajet as soon as they come out as petrol is not permitted in Crete in the summer!??!

I think the power to weight of a deisel would be very poor although there are some biggish aeromodel diesel engines that might be useable?

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