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Awesome new feature for members :-)

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Today we have switched on a fairly significant addition to the Paramotor Club site. :-)

In the main top bar of the site, you will now see a link that says 'Clubs' here is the link https://www.paramotorclub.org/clubs/

This allows for any individual to create a group within the Paramotor Club software. (Much like Facebook groups in terms of functionality) but hopefully not filled with as much junk and or spam LOLOL 

I welcome and indeed invite anyone to start a club and invite some people to it :-) It could be for Mechanical geeks, an Owners club, Location based clubs or anything in fact as long as it is loosely related to Flying Paramotors. 

Those who start a club will have full admin rights within it, and will be able to treat it as there own, make public, private, or invite only and so on.... 

Please do take a look and consider starting your own :-):-)



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