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I hear well but my transmission too distorted in flight

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Hello All,
I have a small problem that I need to solve.   Ever since I have owned my unit,( Air conception Ultra 130)  I have never been able to communicate properly with outhers with my radio.    I can hear and understand everyone while I am flying but no once can understand what I am saying?  People can hear me fine on ground radio check,  but once in the air no one can.
I have changed radios, helmets and still same problem. I have come to the conclusion that it must be some kind of electrical interfereance from my engine's electrical components. But I am not sure what.  Is my spark plug line not shielded properly?   
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A few things I've noticed, I can hear anything when I'm called on the radio and can even hear my phone ring and what folk say when they speak to me but on my head set but I have to cut the throttle to idle if I want to reply. This is just due to background noise from the engine being picked up on my mic. I don't have noise cancelling head set. Try cutting the throttle before you reply.

The other thing I read recently was that non resistive spark plugs create more radio interference than resistive ones. I'm not sure what type you have but it may be worth checking out.

Like Andy suggests, try and test on the ground before your flying with a running engine, then try and eliminate the possible problems, noise interference or electrical interference.

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Hi Eddie from MicroAvionics here. Paramotor headsets need a high quality microphone to try and remove the amount of noise that is created from the paramotor. Most probably the route cause is a low quality microphone. However, if you have electronic noise that is created by the engine, then you would need to fit a resistive spark plug. If I can help any further, then drop me an email at eddie@microavionics.co.uk


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Hi Jack,  

I fly an AC130 with Microavionics headset, used with 2m or airband radios.  I did have a small interference problem but that was mainly due to the location of the radio, plus the length of the headset cable transferring interference from strobe to the audio circuit.  I resolved these by relocating the radio to the front of my body (to get a bit of shielding) and by adding an rf choke (ferrite bead) to the strobe wire and the audio lead.  The motor didn't prove to be the source of the problem; it was the location of my radio and the wiring circuit of my strobe.  The ferrite chokes are only a couple of quid each from Ebay and they did the business.  Perhaps you might try different mounting positions for your radio?

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