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Hi.. I Have been learning to paramotor and going well. Does anybody know any decent sites near the Wellingborough area that I can start to introduce myself ? 

I am training with Clive Mason. Thoroughly recommend him to anyone looking for an instructor. 

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Hi Andy, I'm in Rushden, about to give a Clive a ring to get started.
Nice to see 'thoroughly recommended'. 
Can I ask a few questions?

Have you finished training, how long did it take?

Did you do a 'block' or odd spare days?

How many flights did you do there after you were able to get airborne?

Were you able to buy gear from CMP?


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Hi Guys,

I'm in Northampton,  just getting back into this.  I flew 10 years ago but stopped.

Don't have all the kit yet but won't be long and then i'll also be looking for sites to fly from.

my office is near Earls barton so finding somewhere east of Northampton could work for me for post work flights.

Also another +1 for Clive, haven't trained with him but got my motor through him and my wing is on order and great service so far.  Really nice guy.


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