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Advice regarding ground harness

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I'm looking to get some experience on the ground. I live near a beach and could easily spend an hour a night learning to kite a wing in light wind conditions.

I see blackhawk do a harness for around $270, but I was wondering if there are cheaper alternatives. Or if these things come up second hand very often.

I've seen posts about people using Rock climbing harnesses but I really don't like that idea lol.


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6 hours ago, AndyB said:

I use one of these £40, plus 2 cheap Karabinas of Ebay....



@AndyB that doesn't look that much different from the black hawk one lol. How do you find kiting wearing that harness? Does it chafe your legs much?

1 hour ago, aljken said:

You can get a cheap 2nd hand paragliding harness off skyads or paraglidingforum.


@aljken I hadn't heard of skyads, I just took a look, nothing suitable right now. Not a problem, I'm short on cash at the moment anyway. I'll keep an eye out on there ?


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That harness is designed as a "fall-arrest" harness for scaffolders etc. It has to be worn all day by them. Both myself and son use it and have no problems. All the various parts are adjustable. I got it because it looked just like the Black Hawk one!

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2 hours ago, cas_whitmore said:

I have a couple left' I'll put your name to one . I was at membury yesterday ' collecting a new wing forgot I had them in my van . I'll take them to flyin next week '  look for red t5 with Dudek sticker on rear door . See you there .

cas . 

Great - should be there Saturday for a bit. Trying to get the wife up on a tandom flight - secret plan to get her flying :-)


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