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Where and when can I give it a try please?

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Thanks for the responses.

I've sent Clive a message so hopefully I'll be able to try the tandem soon. 

As regards training can you tell me what qualifications are required and what to expect in terms of the training costs? 

P.S.  In based in Thatcham, Berkshire 




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You are on our doorstep :-):-) 

The cost is £1080 for the full course (an unlimited number of days) so your paying to get to the end of the training and confident rather than a number of days. 

There is no license in the UK but you are making a wise move getting some training for sure. :-)

My number is 07983 428 453 please do feel free to call any time up to 21:30 any day of the week :-) 

See www.paramotortraining.com for more info and hopefully see you at the fly-in for a chat if not before :-)

SW :D 

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Craig if you can get to the fly-in it will be a well worth it exercise for someone in your position.

There are always lots of different motors and wings on show and everyone is super keen to share experiences and knowledge.

I wish there had been a fly-in when I was learning many moons ago.


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