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VX-7R ultimate paramotoring all-in-one radio

Guest v23nb

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I am selling a silver Yaesu VX-7R radio. It comes with original packaging and was only bought about 10 days ago. I have given it its first proper charge in accordance with the instructions and used it for about 3 hours in the house. The VX-7R is currently the radio of choice for serious paraglider pilots and is perhaps even more suited for paramotoring. These radios usually sell for around £210 however they would only be able to transmit on 144-146MHz, 430-440MHz and 50-54MHz so cannot transmit on our usual 2m frequencies or the 8 PMR channels. It is possible to unlock the transmit capability to allow full transmission (which is the case with this set) and these unlocked sets sell for £250 from places like Northern Paragliding (discounted from their usual price of £280):


As this set is unlocked it gives the following capability from just one small unit-

Tx and Rx on:

PMR (in fact entire 420-470Mhz range)

2m band (137-174MHz)

Airband (118-137MHz, however transmission on limited range)

As it is a true multi-band transceiver it is also capable of working all other main bands between 0.5MHz and 999MHz!!! That means that it can also Tx and Rx on all 281 Marine channels (they are pre-programmed in), listen to Radio 4, etc, listen to the BBC World Service, etc on HF, etc, etc.

Where this radio really excels is that you can work 2 different frequencies on 2 different bands at the same time! You can be tuned in to both airband and 2m at the same time and talk to whichever one you choose. You can even set it to quieten down the sub-frequency when a call is received on the main. Alternatively you could fly along listening to Virgin Radio, etc on the sub and when a call comes in on the main then Virgin Radio will quieten.

I will also include in the package the following separately bought extras:

A CT-91 headset adapter cable that lets the unit work with standard 2 pin headsets (such as the MicroAvionics paramotor headset).

A USB programming cable for connection to a Windows PC.

A CD containing VX7 Commander software allowing programming of the radio (can be done through the radio itself but even easier via PC).

The radio memory has a huge capacity which so far I have programmed with the 2m paragliding frequencies and the PMR channels. It can be reset back to original state (while maintaining the full transmit capability as that was a hardware modification) or left as is with further memory channels stored.

If it's so great then why am I selling it when I've only just bought it? Well the reason is that I only discovered after the modification was done that the power output on airband transmission is limited to about 2.5 Watts (all other bands transmit at the full 5 Watts) so the range is not as great as a dedicated airband transceiver (typically 5 Watts) on airband only (airband reception is perfect). I want full airband transmit capability so I am going to have to carry a much heavier dedicated airband transceiver as well as a 2m or a PMR with 2 sets of wiring to my headset rather than one and 2 separate PTT's. Shame as the Li-Ion battery in this radio is a massive improvement on the NiMH batteries in other radios.

The new price for all the above (including Northern Paraglidings discount) would be approx £280 not including p&p however I will offer on to forum members for £220 and I will include insured courier service in that price.

If you are still reading this then you are keen enough to already be aware of the legality aspects of the radios we use in this sport so I take no responsibility for what you chosse to do with it!

PM me if you are interested or e-mail me at v23nb at yahoo dot co dot uk.

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