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paramotor_starter.thumb.jpg.2418f9e9e836015d8f6a3a79f8d6c360.jpgHaving had previous issues with the Flash starter on my Polini, I decided to buy a lawnmower Briggs and Stratton starter. I've since carried it with me in the truck, waiting for the inevitable failure of the Flash starter. This failure happened on Monday evening, leaving me on the ground while my mates went flying. At least this time I hadn't taken off - last time it failed in mid-air and the line uncoiled sending it and the handle through the prop.

On my machine the Briggs and Stratton starter bolted straight in with no issues whatsoever. Better still, it cost me £14 from Amazon (slightly reduced for the usual £23 because it had a battered box - these turn up now and again on Amazon). Other machines may require slight modification or maybe a different model of starter. The Briggs and Stratton feels a lot sturdier than the Polini and I expect it will last for a long time.

Whilst I like how the Flash starter works, I've never liked having to restart in mid-air as it seems to be better suited to starting on the ground (whatever your opinions on this method). Not sorry to see the back of wondering when the starter will next fail.


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Mine's the original Thor 100, the engine Polini got right. It's getting a little old now but still purrs along.

It does seem that the Flash starter is made from cheese, I've heard people say theirs failed after gentle or even no use after a couple of years. Although yesterday Tom at PJ said he's not had a problem with his, ever.  I do think they are of poor design and although the blame is sometimes put on heavy use and abuse, I don't really go with that. It's a starter which fails for most people. 

Not sure whether my B&S starter would fit on yours but have a read through the discussion linked in my post above and see if you get any pointers from there. 

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I will be interesting to know if you get any kickback from the Briggs starter. I too have the Thor 100 and after 4 1/2  years of ownership its only had a couple problems one being the flash starter spring breaking and the other was the pawls wearing out.

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Maybe not relevent but i have 2 corsair engines with flash starters and both had the same problems of non recoil, one exploded on start due to a boxed off decom port on a brand new engine, the other was in my view and I am a design engineer, piss poor tolerances on the materials used, i ended up remaking the parts in aluminium and changing the pivot bolt to left handed thread,for me its frustrating and i have the tools, for most I think i would be really pissed off having paid out for a supposed quality engine



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