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Video camera


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when I tried to order one a few weeks ago there were non in stock as there had been a lot of returns due to some technical problems, they said they were getting it sorted so I hope they have! Ended up buying a Aiptek from Maplin who were doing a deal in February for £99 (not sure if it is still on) which was bundled with a sport cam (helmet/handlebar cam)- used it on a recent skiing trip-really pleased with it although the digital zoom is poor the shots from the helmet can are perfect quality for pc/you tube as long as you are not expecting anything special.

Can't find the link sorry.

cheers Mag

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Just noticed that the above Cam will not work with PC's using 'Vista'

Only works with 2000 or XP.

(Which is just about the same as everything else on the planet :lol: )


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The only downer I can see is the USB connection is USB1.1 not 2. So transfer of movies to the computer might take a while. Otherwise, what a great little product!


Hi Mikey, it shouldn't be a problem as you just take the SD card out of the camera and put it straight into the SD card slot in your PC (or buy a very cheap adapter card if you don't have one).

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Bought one of these fellas a few weeks ago...

One snag. There is no direct feed to a telly through an RGB but if you take the card out and bung it in a reader, then you get around the 1.1 snag with USB. I will try to attach a couple of short clips to give you an idea of the quality.

I Figured that whilst being covered in rubber I don't think I'll be overly worried about a camera if I'm going splat too.

Pics are relatively good - see tank killing the wifes plant pot -


Flying monkey...

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