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Payload, thrust and take off lengths.

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I’ve recently noticed quite a bit of extension to my take off length. Although there is a few factors which have will have affected this. I’m flying longer so fuel up with 13 liters of fuels these days rather than 6 or 7, I use 5l/h. I’ve added a reserve which is another 2.6 kg and I’ve put weight on, 7 kg. With a Thor 130 at 65KG of thrust how much should this extra 15 or so kgs affect my take offs? Or could it be an engine or human error problem on take off? I fly a 26 speedster 2 wing. So I am at the top end of its weight limit.



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4 hours ago, alan_k said:

You'll get a little less power with the warmer (summer) temperatures as well.

Ah yes, thank you, not thought about that. That could explain why my run is longer in Spain than in UK. It was 14 deg when I left UK and 26 here today. It is always virtually no wind here as well. I haven't done a single reverse launch in 12 months........although I do tend to still do forward even when a reverse might be possible.

On the point of forward or reverse - due to back issues I am a bit wobbly when I turn round (especially if I have to be going backwards as well to keep the wing up), so reverse no good for me unless there is plenty of wind, then I can kite on the spot and then turn carefully. Is there any reason why not to do forward if I can? Today I could kite the wing when stationary most of the time (I put harness on for a play first), but I still did a forward launch!

ps. I have no flying mates to watch and learn from! Anyone want to fly near MIddlesbrough from a huge grassed field, or off the beach in Spain? :)

Here is a vid of forward launch into about 6 to 10 mph wind.


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