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Stolen from garage bailey v4 paramotor

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Can you forward this to as many people as you think may come across this


Crime reference number 229 285 217 if reported to police

Bailey aviation V4 paramotor stolen from garage

Obvious Marks

1/ Small blob of white paint on brass nut on top of engine.

2/ Carbon propeller has a slight repair chip on blade close to center

3/ seat has an inside stain at the back 

4/ The cage has many scratches around the aluminium outside perimeter tube

5/ The  terminals for battery are wired with a yellow XT60 connector same as in this link http://www.modmaker.co.uk/XT90-LiPo-Connectors


Also taken was a charlie 125kg reserve chute (packed) written  in brown felt tip was the words CHARLIE 125KG


John and Angela 

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Hi John and Angela,

                                I'm sure most people in our sport are genuine and will keep eyes and ears open and spread the word.

But why not stay a while join in some more and introduce yourselves with a little more info, location might help for starters so possibly people local to you will be more vigilant, just saying might help to be more about yourself :D.


                                Do not be alarmed it is just me i'm sure they'll tell you xD

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