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Wings used for Everest


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Just thought I would post this as Gilo has mentioned the lack of publicity for Paramania with regards to the Everest Mission.


This is the highest and most impressive flight ever undertaken on a Paramotor! (or any soft wing aircraft).

Facing temperatures of -40°C, hurricane-force winds that threaten to dash them against the mountain peaks, and very low levels of oxygen, it was important that these guys chose the right time to attempt their flight. Equipped with Giles Cardozoz's Parajet rotary powered paramotors and our Revolution powerglider. Bear Grylls takes off and flies up and over Mount Everest, making this THE most amazing feat ever attempted in the history of paramotoring! Well done guys!

We would also like to congratulate our designer Mike Campbell-Jones who spent the good part of last year designing and testing different combinations of sizes and motor types with Giles, to have the Revolution 36m2 size ready and tested in time for Mission Everest!

Happy to spread the good vibe. :D


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That is so right!

You know Ive thought that the everest mission was just amazing but never gave a thought to the wing itself! We just fly them and assume they will work, which they do brilliantly, but the design effort that has gone into them, and MikeCJ's commitment to his vision for the reflex wing, over many years, matches Gile's achievement in the motor. And we will be flying that combination the length of the land!

Thanks for pointing that out Simon.

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