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Ok, not sure what to discuss yet, but this is too interesting not to share. Guess he showed it at Beach Blast 2017.

280cc engine from AirConception, 11.7 kg!!!

Edit 23/5-2017: since it official now, here it a link do discuss the engine on the forum


Maybe we can keep this as a thread for cool stuff and development that happens in the paramotor industry. No long discussions, just to make the good stuff viral in the community.

Rumors, new products, must watch videos, small tips n trix. You can't really start a new thread when you want to show the new jacket Flykandy designed for paramotor pilots.
But you wish that you didn't miss the kickstarter campaign where you could make a good bargain, just because you didn't find it in a thread like this.


So, keep posting, at least I want a thread like this, since I love to know what's going on around the world with all paramotor related things.

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Added link to the new thread about Tornado 280, to guide future readers of this thread
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On 2017-06-25 at 14:01, kiwi k said:

I like the New Adventure a lot :D but i'm biased :wingover:

My love/hate relationship with Adventure is neutral... maybe a little bit biased :) 

Anyway, news from U-turn motors, not that silly dude in USA that sells PPG stuff under the brandname . U-turn are developing an electric paramotor. Looks nice, but is there anyone who want to buy one for just ~60min power? From the ads in the background it says Upgrade kit 2-stroke, so maybe a quick engine switch will be possible? that would be something new.
Kangook is also trying to go electric together with Paracell.


Way to epic not to mention, the 8th edition of the Red Bull X-Alps starts in three days! Follow the epic journey on http://www.redbullxalps.com/
Subscribe to Red Bull X-Alps on Youtube if you want to watch paragliding as amazing as it gets. Route 2017.

If you can't stand free flying, then wait for the Icarus Trophy paramotor adventure race that starts in september.

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Shitty weather? Read the latest issue of Free AeroAs always a splendid magazine with something for everyone, but with focus on competition in this issue. Read about X-alps (start cancelled due to bad weather, new start in 2 days), or read about paramotor competition. 

Read at ISSUU
PDF HiRes (37 MB)
PDF (14 MB)

Free Aero for android or for
iPad, iPhone


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Looks like the innovative Blackbird paramotor is available in New Zealand.

This is a paramotor like the old grasshopper where you can change the trustline, but it also have a cleaver foot rest and a modern design, strong fuel tank and lightweight.
For more info https://www.facebook.com/paradynamics/

So many nice paramotor innovations right now. I just hope it all consolidate in the near future.

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Soo, who needs a lighter paramotor? Nirvana have a new line coming up called F-light, where the lightest F-light 160 ultimate lands on only 16kg with harness.
Weight saved on drilled cooling fins and cage on the lightest version.
Another new detail is that you can have custom print on the harness. Looks like the paramotor equipment is getting more personalised every year.

Also Coupe Icare started yesterday so maybe we will see more news the upcoming days. There are lots of brands on the icare expo so if anyone finds something interesting, then post it.

More pics on fbook


Adventure also announced another new paramotor from them, looks like it might share some cage parts with the more exotic Pluma.

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News from Vittorazi, a brand new engine Atom 80.


Some data from the video:

~16 hp at 9500rpm, 55kg thrust with a 1.3m prop
wg8 carb
2,7 - 3,2 l fuel/hour at 8000 rpm static thrust 30 kg with a 125cm prop.
10,5 kg complete engine
gear reduction and centrifugal clutch
pull start

Looks absolutely stunning.


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Here something you soon find in your local hardware store with advertising aimed for your kids, maybe the next big thing after fidget spinners and hoverboards: a chinese paramotor with a 75cc engine from Jstol.




Some big plans from this company:

" With the big momentum of China’s “One Belt, One Road” economic development plan, JSTOL will expand its oversea market in 2017, gradually entering the general aircraft engine business and mass application market of North America, South America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Northern Europe, and Australia. JSTOL will start the globalization era of its products with the most competitive and cost-effective JSTOL-75 Paramotor. "

I sure had fun when I read on the website :D

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Yesterday Gravity Paramotors from USA opened their doors. Looks absolutely stunning! Some very cleaver solutions on this one that might solve some common problems.  Looking forward to reviews. Nice design, lots of thinking behind it, looks like a parajet :P


But there is lots of small details on it that I actually don't like, but most likely that's only me :)


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Still no Tornado engine out on the market, but Corsair improved the Black Bull and they still have some news for the Bull. They now have a battery re-charger (add on) and a new exhaust system, and soon they will have a new pulley design that is innovative (but weird o.O


Also, Sky engine will have a new water cooled engine for the power hungry crowd, a 220cc engine that will deliver some amazing thrust. 106kg claimed on a three blade, feather light compared to the Thor 250, way to go!


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Details about the new F-light from Nirvana, looks very nice but maybe a bit fragile in some areas that will need spare parts sooner than other designs. I really like the harness design, for those who have a hard time getting into the seat, this looks like a really good harness.

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