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Paramotor Service Center.

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Assuming top notch service, realistic pricing, and fast turnaround... 

Please hit the thumbs up, if you would consider having your paramotor's maintenance / service issues repaired by our new team / small business. 

It consists of qualified mechanics, and a CAA certified welder and electrician and all work will be sent back with a guarantee. 

All work will be carried out either at Membury Airfields military service hanger or at the main workshop which is owned by a locally renowned to be awesome mechanic. 

Things we will be able to do include but are not limited too: 

1. Motor not starting or running correctly

2. Pre / Post purchase inspection's 

3. General service, inspection and thorough de-gunge (PMC service book and stamp issued during first service for your records) This will of course increase the saleability of your Paramotor when the time comes.

4. Welding of alloy, steal, & Titanium  (CAA certified) 

5. Custom work such as: fit this engine to this frame please, Trike modifications, builds.  

6. Tuning / tweaking

7. Netting repairs

8. Prop balancing / repair*

9. Harness modifications*

10. Paint and Powder coat

11. I think you get the idea :-)  

A reply would be great, but if you like this idea and feel as though it would be a service that you would use a thumbs up would be cool :-) 

Every member of the team is an active pilot.

Full members will enjoy a discount of course :-)   

Many Thanks



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26 minutes ago, cas_whitmore said:

Why hasn't this been done before . Great idea . 

Cas . 

I think it's just one of those things where the right people (skill set) were in the right place, together and everyone is already a professional in there field. It honestly is, a 'dream team' of people, tools, and premises so it seemed like a no brainer. 

I was planning a smaller scale kind of local pilots affair some years ago but the market was simply not big enough. The truth is, I think it's ONLY JUST big enough now for the idea to function as an ongoing interest. 

SW :D   

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