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SkyBean ChaseCam - anyone using???

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Just come across the "SkyBean ChaseCam" (http://www.skybean.eu/chasecam) which looks like a good option for more stable gopro footage (c.f. on top of helmet).

Anyone using one for PPG?   The concept seems to be that it won't touch/hit prop as it sits back + wind from prop keeps it back + it's "wings" slow it down so to speak, so is "safe" for PPG. But would be good to hear this confirmed by a paramotor pilot who's used one.  (mainly only concerned re in flight, i.e. when landing I have a motor with clutch + could kill motor before landing too)



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I am a lover of the shot from a chase cam 'used sparingly' but the idea of something funky happening and it ending up wrapped around some random lines scares me enough to not want to get the shot myself.

Is it safe? Well the answer is: It's safer not to have one ;-)

I guess some research / testing would be in order enough to satisfy yourself that you were not about to film a never ending spiral. :-(



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I think if you can answer the question "What could possibly go wrong?" in less than 5 seconds it's a generic "bad idea"....

The wing mounted camera shot is quite cool as well - less risk of lines getting tangled, but again do you really want 8oz of weight hanging off your wing?


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