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Paratrike training?

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Hello all,

This is my first post so please make allowances.

I'd like to ask, in the light of the recent deregulation of single-seat paratrikes, if anyone (apart from Powerchute) is offering ab-initio training? A weak back precludes me from flying foot-launched paramotors or paragliders.

I'm based in Epsom, Surrey. 

Many thanks


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Possibly Chris Hawes at Airways Airsports, but he's at Darley Moor in Derbyshire.

I burst a disc in my back some years ago launching on my feet, so I too am limited to a trike (quite happy with that though). Talking to a number of people, I gather that there are quite a lot of unlicensed pilots flying trikes having simply moved across from foot launch.

For many, there does still seem to be a bit of uncertainty as to how to get trained if you want to use wheels.

I would be really interested in the views of others on this. 

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Not sure what you refer to Simon, but I think AXA do ensure trikes (for both PPG and microlight).

Their insurance is here http://www.flugschulen.at/axa/english/. The European AXA policy accepts many different approved training qualifications. In the UK it has been narrowed to just BHPA. So if we insure through the UK the training has to be BHPA approved, whereas through AXA Austria (or other European countries), APPI and many other programmes are accepted.

AXA accept APPI certification and APPI has a trike training programme. I will double check with AXA before I go trike training!


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From the CAA Doc:

Aircraft flying in accordance with this exemption will fall within scope of the applicable European insurance regulations, Regulation (EC) No. 785/2004, since they will no longer be excluded by virtue of their foot-launched status. Pilots must ensure they have a policy in place for flying the aircraft that meets the relevant minimum requirements and carry proof of insurance. The CAA reserves the right to inspect documentation and verify insurance for the purpose of establishing compliance.

As I understand it, the AXA policy does not meet the (EC) No. 785/2004 requirements. 


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Also, the training does not have to be BHPA approved if you learn in the UK. The PMC offers insurance and soon training also :-)

If you were BHPA approved, why would you then opt to buy the AXA policy anyway? 

Just check that a policy you purchase in whatever country you purchase it, it of the required standard as it may save you a headache in the future. 

I can confidently say that the BHPA insurance and the PMC insurance meet the requirements. The AXA policy seems wishy washy at best and may or may not comply. 


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Cheers Simon. Having got APPI approved, I would have to jump through some unnecessary (no added value to me) hoops to get BHPA approved. 

The EU regulation has limitations specified. One is that is does NOT apply to " aircraft, including gliders, with an MTOM of less than 500 kg, and microlights, which are used for non-commercial purposes ". So this reg does NOT apply to trike launched PPG.

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