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Lower pulley loosens on its own!


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large.IMG_20170503_221704778.jpg.c4f22fd31ddbe27672da4a89b208283e.jpgI flew my borrowed Fly Products 115 solo 210 motor, which is finally running properly! However, after flying for 5 minutes yesterday evening, the engine suddenly raced to high revs so I immediately cut power and landed. I found that the drive belt (a new one that I fitted yesterday morning) had slipped and become very very loose. 
I tightened it up again, but as soon as I revved the motor up a little it loosened right off. I tried this several times, but every time the belt would loosen. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, or perhaps a part is broken?
To adjust the belt I thought I had to loosen off the smaller nut that goes in parallel to the propshaft, then tighten the larger (17mm) nut that goes in to the back opposite lower pulley behind the prop. 

But is this incorrect? Can anybody suggest why this is happening? Very frustrating, as I am once again faced with a problem that has stopped my flying. Aaaargh!

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Thanks Simon. I assumed the bearings were ok as when I spin the prop without the belt on it spins freely and easily, but there does seem to be some play when wobbling the prop from the tips. It looks like I'll have to try and figure out how to change the bearings then...

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