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Primer bulb alternatives

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I have been having problems with my Solo 210 with Tillotson carb. It starts and idles beautifully and revs up to about 4000rpm but then dies as I try for full throttle. I think the problem could be the fuel line and maybe primer bulb, so I thought I'd remove the primer bulb so I know that's not the problem. 
So I replaced the fuel line and filter and took the primer bulb out thinking that I could prime it by blowing into the breather tube. But as hard as I blow I can't get any fuel to even start going up the fuel line let alone get it up to the carb. Does anybody know if I can get around this problem or do I have to put them primer bulb back in?

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Tom when i first got mine the previous owner said he was having problems with starting, turns out he had put on some new fuel lines including the 1 into the tank, being an Adventure the tank line runs inside a hard plastic pipe, but has a small brass check valve on the end, yes you guessed it he'd fitted it back on the wrong way, so i replaced all fuel lines again and then fitted new primer bulb, as he'd left original 1 on and the rubber was hard as hell, and that solved my running problems.

So make sure all flow arrows on check valves are running the right way !!

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Primer bulbs are always braking down. I have had various issues over 30 years mainly on microlights and recently paramotors. If you suspect an issue just change the primer bulb and also check your fuel lines. The new style fuel hardens the fuel lines which is problem right across the aviation world therefore now aircraft owners regulary change the fuel lines etc.

Its a cheap option. The bulbs just stop working correctly. I also fit clear lines from the bulb to the engine so I can see if there is any excess air travelling up through the lines indicating an air leak.

Trust of use.


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I know this is a dead thread, but the reason the fuel isn't pushed up the tube by blowing in the tank vent, is likely because you have a diaphragm carb that requires you to push down on the little 'button'.  This opens up the carb to allow the air in.

Although, you should have had to do that with the primer bulb as well.

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