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Having seen the program on Sunday..

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Hi guys,

My name is Ben. Having watched the program last Sunday, I am really liking the look of this sport...though I don't really know a great deal about it. I have been reading quite a bit about it but feel I really need to get out and watch the whole thing in action.

I am based in London, and am wondering if anyone around the surrounding counties is going flying in the next weeks, where I could possibly come along, learn a bit more about the sport and give a hand.

Cheers in advance



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Hi Ben,

I may be a little far away for you (Lambourn, Membury Services M4) but we have a busy club here with people learning and flying every flyable day. :D

You are more than welcome to pop up and spend half a day or so milling about and I am sure you will get plenty of advice from the people on the field.

It's so great how much interest the Mission Everest has created for Paramotoring in the UK! Gilo will be chuft to bits!!!

Please feel free to call for a chat, happy to give you and anyone else interested in the sport as much info as I can.

Training is getting busy now, so you want to get your self in to gear in time for some summer flying :D


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