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Cage/frame turn/twist under throttle

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I took my motor out to test my "black oil from the ball/socket joint repair" which failed after about 15 mins (its a learning curve...new exhaust on order!)

and I had someone film me going up and down this little area, motor on my back, no wing, away from civilization, just to observe general stuff when under some throttle power. Now I am not an absolute newbie -in that I have never had a lesson or never heard of the sport  -but not many hours flying -did some free flying before...not much  anyway what I saw in the video as I got more confident in accelerating  was the top of the cage/frame turning to approx  11:30 position when I gave it some decent throttle  and coming back to the 12 'oclock position as the revs died down.

I understand that there are torque effects but wanted to know if this is normal or something is wrong or some adjustments need to be made -its an Apco SLT harness and a Ros 125  motor..


Any input welcome,









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