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Newbie Hull East Yorkshire

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Welcome to the Paramotor Club :) You should hook up with either @easttowestyorkshireparamot and or @Hullaeroparamotorclub who are both awesome guys and can teach you safely. 

If you click the blue link it will take you to there profiles, where you can e-mail and or message them directly :-) 

Again, welcome and please consider a training blog when you start!! :-) 



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Thanks, it doesn`t look like @Hullaeroparamotorclub comes on the forum that often. I have seen his phone number in another thread so I will try giving him a call. What is the usual procedure for a newbie getting airborne?

1. How many lessons before a person can solo fly?

2. Can you hire equipment when you are learning?

3. What`s the rough cost of a lesson with equipment hire?

4. Is paramotoring regulated? ie do you have to pass exams, annual assessment, policed by air traffic control?

5. How much would a used rig cost to buy if I decide to buy my own equipment?





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In the order you asked... 

(he is overseas at the moment but back in a couple of days) :-)

1. A good 3-4 maybe 5 days. (paramotor) 

2. Most include this with the cost. Avoid instructors who insist on kit purchase before starting training. 

3. Fairly sure they charge around £1000. 

4. No. 

5. New, £7.5 to £8.5k for top end second hand, £4.5 to £5.5k for something decent. 

SW :D 

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