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LOL. I am not very experienced, but I have to be able to launch very quickly (short distance). I can't actually carry the damm thing long as I have knackered back. However, the main issue is the sea. Most of the beach near where I live is quite narrow - about 40m flat then a 15 foot drop down another 30m into the sea!

Landing is just as fun and I often do a couple of practice runs just to gauge the feel of it. In a low wind I land cross-wind. Haven't progressed to cross-wind take-off yet.

If I drive a further 20 mins I could have a nice wide beach (150m flat!). :) But, hey ho, it focuses the mind on doing good take-offs/landings.

There is also a gravel school car-park on the top of a hill I did use for a while. This is 50m long (in wind direction...wind nearly always off the sea) but only 20m the other way. I learnt that gravel is horrible when you stick an elbow in it and after an operation to extract the 27 pieces of gravel that sealed themselves inside, I stick to nice grass and sand now. :)

I will do some vids in Spain next week.

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short launches... depends solely on your skill level. e.g can you do a power launch? if you can without shredding your wing and risers. then try this. set everything up methodically.check and double check.then go for it.only if you know exactly what your doing.or its gonna cost you?   power launch not for novices.  and watch on u-tube= knowledge

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