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Bore Chaser 2017

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I will wait until last moment to be sure what to do,because weather oncoming weeken 28-30.04.2017 looks really bad??

I've been prepared for this meeting for so long ? to see new faces.

But if forecast doesn't change I have to abandon idea to travel over 3hours one way to stand in rain and wind(or maybe snow)

Even best pub in there not recompense lost event.

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Si can you please confirm for me , i thought there was only a pilot flying limit and not an attending limit ?, as i was looking to just turn up for a chat to you and eveyone else and those beers you owe me :D, but as yet not put name down for said reason. so am i right or wrong ( misinformed as usual) as i'm never wrong 9_9

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1 hour ago, Lawson said:

Hi chaps,

Am i being thick (likely) here? think you may of answered your own question on this 1 9_9 Am I looking at the wrong thing? yes you are :D


Its not literally chasing the high tide water more of location identity and just a great flying weekend get together of like minded Paramotorists :coptor:

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Weather Pro says yes for much of the weekend :-) Mornings and evenings I am thinking. 

It always tickles me when people decide based on the weather and it always ends up flyable :-):-) 

Either way for those that want it, we will have an awesome social with pilots from all over the UK :-) Can't wait to hook up again with everyone, it seems like ages!!!! 


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combination of factors - personal stuff mainly, and on top of them -  weather forecasts not giving me good enough excuses to fend the others off (I've a 9 hour drive round trip)  - means I gave up my place on this beginning of the week. hoped to sneak back in tonight if things worked out and a place was still available, but it's not to be.

hope u lads have a good weekend and get some flying in.

Hope to meet some of you at another fly in.



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