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PG Pilot looking to Convert to Motor

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Hi all

First post here, and just looking for a bit of general info, in particularly re wings.

I have been flying paragliders, for the past 7-8 years, Mostly on Tow, but plenty of Hill flying also.  I used to Kitesurf prior to Paragliding for a good 6-7 years or so, which I think has helped with my Ground Handling.  I pride myself with my Ground Handling, don't do anything fancy but all the basics I consider I can do very well.  I'm used to forward launching from towing and always stabilise the wing above me on reverses before turning around, all standard stuff needed for motoring I believe.

I love to fly XC on paragliders although living in the flat lands and with family and work commitments, it seems few and far between that I get  decent flights in.  However, I do get a lot of practice with lots of takes offs and landing. hence my interest in adding a motor to give me more airtime, particularly in the winter months or early morning evening flights.

I fly what is considered to be a high B wing, and I've not experienced much more than a 20-30% Asymmetric, (Twice) in all my time flying, not sure if I have been lucky or sign that my active piloting works and my ground handling paying dividends.  I also fly fairly cautiously, I guess.

I would like the paramotoring to be an extension to my paragliding, but don't have a real clue as to what I want out of paramotoring as yet, whether it be get high practicing thermalling,  throwing the wing about a little, low level flying (although I get nervous just watching people do this) or maybe even XC, I certainly would like to do some sightseeing with it so flying say 20-30km out and returns I guess.

I will be flying with a Zenith with polini 100 (110cc I believe)  and I am 90KG in my birthday suit. can vary up and down 5KG.  I was advised that I might be at the top end for this motor so should be looking at biggish wings.  But it seems like it has more than enough thrust for me at present. but only tried it with a paraglider wing.

I imagine my all up weight will be around 130-140KG depending on weight of wing and amount of fuel I take up. me dressed not necessarily to go flying, with the motor on my back I am about 117ishKG. That was no reserve, no wing, no paragliding boots. a small amount of fuel.

A lot of wings for my weight range seem to be indicating a 26m Middle to top or weight range or 28+(bottom to middle of weight range) depending on brand.   Wonder what you guys recommend, also is it wise to go a beginner/intermediate wing, or will my paragliding experience allow me to step up a level, I.e. Revo vs GTX, Roadster2 v Speedster2,  Synthesis vs Nucleon.  (these are all the ones that's kind of caught my attention)  GTX range probably ruled out as only have the 26m. option as the largest. 

I look forward to hearing your opinions.


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Cheers Alan,

Thanks, I think that would be my preference, I have friends flying a Nucleon 31 and a 26 GTX which both have said I could try.

The general advice from them is if I go for something benign, it will be great to start with but if I fly a lot they think I will be wanting to upgrade it pretty soon.  Where as  if I get a more agile wing to begin with, I can be choosy what conditions I fly in until I get more familia with it.  Just don't want to fall in to a trap like a lot of paraglide pilots do and jump up a level to early, but hoping My paragliding experience is 100% transferable.  





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