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Stolen gear

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Hi all. 

Ive had some unwanted visitors last night and had two motors stolen from the Bolton area. 

One is a bulldog moster 185 early model, it stands out as it's a full polished frame no paint at all. 

The other is an ec extreme simoninu mini plus 2, again destinctive as it's had repairs to the cage hoops and frame. So it's it's partly black and partly carbon wrap. It's also got black netting fitted. 

Both motors have a mayday 20 reserve fitted in a flight deck and have the cage pieces in carry bags. 

The polished bulldog is rare and the mini 2 stands out because of repairs. 

If anyone comes across them I'd appreciate a heads up. 


Cheers Lee. 

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Thats crappy new Ganers, but the demand for these things is pretty niche, the market small and the community close-knit, so i would imagine that they will turn up sooner or later - especially so as yours are distinctive, easily recognised and cannot be mistaken as another.

Good luck with the search, i hope you get them back soon and intact.

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