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Moster Plus 185


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2 minutes ago, tim9227 said:

100ml to every 5ltrs of petrol.


1 hour ago, admin (Simon W) said:

Castrol TTS 50-1

Only quoting these, because the manual states 40:1 using TTS


I am noticing already on here and FB that there is a variety of different mixtures guys use on their motors, I'm presuming with not much effect!!

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2 stroke engines all use a ratio of between 1:40 and 1:50 oil:petrol.

1:40 is 2.5% or 25cc per litre.

1:50 is 2% or 20cc per litre.

And of course, the larger the petrol can you use, the more accurate the measuring. I use a 20 litre can and always refill it when it gets below half full. I use a separate 10 litre can to refill it, so add 200cc each time (Thor 190).

If in any doubt always go for a higher oil content. Whilst it may cause a little more carbon, it will help prevent any disasters!


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Guest chrisg547
On 08/04/2017 at 00:35, chrisg547 said:

1.5% Motul 800.

I used to do 2.5% with Castrol TTS. But after getting Motul 800 and it being so good. I was recommended to use 1.5%. I have to say my plug is in a better condition than before as it always looked like i was running too rich (with the TTS).

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Be careful reducing oil content and be very wary of oil manufacturers claims. I used to manage a Petrochemicals complex (makes oil and petrol). All oils made from crude are very similar. They have a range of molecular weights and are usually made up of molecules with 17 to 34 components ie. they have a distribution of size. Synthetic oils have molecules manufactured to have a specific number of components and have a very tight distribution around a specific molecular weight.

Synthetic oils are better because most of the oil is at the target molecular weight.

All oils have additives to improve performance. I remember well a BP oil expert coming to talk to us about the additives as well as the use of after market additional additives. His view....there is very little difference between oils!

All 2 stroke oils must meet the minimum spec defined by API TC or ISO EG and these modern specs are very good.

Manufacturers have determined the oil ratio required to match the tolerances and operating range of their engines. It is a balance between getting lubrication and not getting ash/gum/crap build-up. I would be very wary of changing the spec they have given.

One final point. There are racing and castor based oils. These sometimes give improved performance, though might not be enough to notice, and there will be greater coking requiring more frequent stripping! 

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I should stick to Vittorazzi spec to avoid any warranty issues. A slightly stronger mix should help eliminating partial seizures assuming piston clearances are correct but if damage has already been done it'll be a new piston and barrel required.

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3 hours ago, tim9227 said:


I should stick to Vittorazzi spec to avoid any warranty issues.



I guess I am aware of this, but many other guys here and on FB have mentioned they use 50:1 (even less) and I did get the recommendation from Parajet - even they used 50:1 on my machine (which is documented).  In the past 6 months, Tom's had more air time on my machine than I have and I was using 40:1.

11 hours ago, cas_whitmore said:

if what works tony' did you find out what the problem was with your motor .

Cas - As per the original problem - starter cord seizing after 10 - 15 minutes flying.  Then it's OK after 45 minutes.  Very weird.

So, not really yet, need a few short flights to confirm the ratio, with plenty of pug checking :-)


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Few years ago I mailed Vitorrazi asking about Motul 800. They do NOT recommended to use it. Motul 710 which is recommended in manual has different burning temperature and burning time. Therefore I use only Motul 710. 2,5%

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Ha Ha, Not what you're thinking about sorry, well, I'm not into that.  

I've seen a new check list on the take off procedure.  The last one is

     7.   Check for straying pug dogs crossing your take off path.

I guess you all do this without thinking .....


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Guest chrisg547

I've now used about 2litres of oil at 1.5% mix so I reckon somewhere between 20 and 25 hrs.


This is a good topic. How many hours have you done on the Motul 800 at 1.5 %. I always wondered why The Moster was 2.5% when other engines I have had were 2%

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