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Members map CAA colour scheme

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I have been looking at the Members Map, and it is overlaid with the CAA markings. But I don't know what they mean and I have googled what I thought was the most obvious question, but I am struggling to get an answer on what they all mean.

So does someone have details of what the coloured outlines each refer to? And what about shaded in areas?

Having an educated guess, it looks like black and blue circles are airfields, with the rectangular projections most likely being approach / departure directions.

Red, looks like 'no fly' zones, but is this total no fly? Over or under certain altitudes? I have looked at my local area and noticed some small localised red circles, but no obvious reason why. Is there a common reason for these?

Any links to where this sort of information is listed for me to have a read up on?



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Hi Steve, 

I guess the best way to use the map as a learning tool would be to turn off all the airspace, and turn them on one by one. If you click in each area it will tell you what the airspace Class is (the big letter) and the heights which it extends from and to. (the FL) number... 

I should mention that this is not a CAA base map, so this is not what a CAA chart would look like for real. It just shows the airspace as Oct 2016.


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Red circles are a no go. If your not sure why, zoom in and take a look at whats in the middle of the circle. (in this area, it's anything from HRH Charile's pad, to Ammo dumps.) 

I did just try to find you a CAA 250 legend image with no joy (ran out of time) so if anyone can find one for this thread, that would be super cool! 



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Thanks SW,

I did try searching for the info, which I assumed would be easy to come across.

I also zoomed into a very small round red circle near me, and there is nothing at all there that I can see that could cause it to be a no go zone. Just seemed odd, which is why I thought a list of the Classes and what defined them it may have helped. 

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1 hour ago, admin (Simon W) said:

If you add your location to the Map, I will take a look for you. :-) 

Have added myself. Location is Spalding, South Lincs.

There is a gliding club due south at Crowland. Black circle.

An airfield due south east at Holbeach St Johns, Blue circle.

A bombing range due east extending into the Wash, all red and very large.

RAF Wittering to the South west with centre blue circle and a larger black circle and black rectangles.

From all that I would assume Blue and Black refer to different altitudes? But what altitudes?

But the one Red circle that confused me is about 15 miles from me, on a bearing of about 210 degrees. Very small circle, within the black box from Wittering. Between the villages of Glinton and Werrington. I am not aware of anything there apart from what I think is an old cement works.

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22 minutes ago, morgy said:

Have a look on XC planner and all should become clear.. 

The black squares are the stubs form wittering.. 

The red circle is GVS (Gas Venting station) peterborough SFC-5000ft...    

Thanks. That would be it then.

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