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Where to begin?

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Hello, my name is Viktor and live in Sweden. Flying has always been a dream of mine, although I'm only 16 going on 17 so "always" may seem like a short time to many of you... Anyway resently I have relized that my life "long" dream might come true after all!

A few years ago I set on geting a powered hangglider when I becam economic independent, which would probebly take a while. But after a while the exitement around powered hanggliding coold down like moste childrens dreams, althoug the dream of flying did not. I think it was the ide of hanggliders beeing more like an airplan than freeflying that i didn't like, but also them being a bit clumbsy in maters of storage and transport.

From time to time I heard about thes par paraglider with motors on, they really seemed intresting but for some unknown reason I didn't look them up (you know how you don't prioriteras things that you do feel is important). But then for some reason (probbebly because I on holiday and have a lot of spare time right now)

I begun researching and found this wonderfull page! As I said before I'm 16 and I'm stille going to school and I will go to university aswell, as you see It might take a few years untill I have the money I need, but I'm planing on just trying paranotoring this summer and see if I like it, wich I don't dout I will.

But is there things to learn untill I have the money to buy my on paramotor?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. I'm not a very good speller, so you'll have to excuse my spelling.

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Hi Viktor and welcome to the forum,

first off your English is just fine and it's definitely better than my Swedish!

There are a few things that you could be doing while you're waiting to start your Paramotoring training proper, you've already made a start by joining this forum, have you read the training blogs yet? They'll give you a good idea of what to expect once you do get started and you'll find lots of experienced pilots on the forum who are more than happy to answer any questions that may spring to mind.

There's plenty of stuff that you could start to read up on like Meteorology, the theory of flight, and air law, all of which you'll find useful later on. There are also some good books and videos available that would give you a good feel for what Paramotoring is all about and would also be a good introduction to some of the terminology that you'll come across once you do start training. You'll see some recommendations for books and videos on Paramotoring in some of the other posts on the forum.

BUT I would say that the very first place to start would be to get in touch with your local pilots and see if they can recommend a good instructor. If you can find an instructor explain your situation and see what he suggests.

Good luck.


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Hello Viktor.

In Sweden there will be a gliding club that fly fixed wing gliders and they will have a national association. On their website will be a lot of information that you will need (all pilots need) to know. Air Law in Sweden, where you can fly where you cannot. How high you must be to fly over a town, which side you must pass other aircraft, what conditions you can fly in, cloud types and what they can mean for the coming weather. All these things are for all pilots to learn.

To learn to fly a paramotor is not very difficult but to be a "good pilot" takes many years of study and improvement. We all try to get there!

www.segelflyget.se/ perhaps?

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Thanks for all the answers!

You have made me relize that flying might somtimes be more like a jungle than open air. :P But I find that comforting somhow, I mean things like safty as well as the experince in it self has a lot to do with the pilot. It's like you have somthing to strive after (or do you say "for"?). I have been reading a little about meteorology on the forum and it sounds a bit scary what kind of things you can get caught up in... :S

I will try to get my hands on a DvD or somthing, altough i have found a lot of videos on the web.

Thanks a lot frabcis777 and Togsie!

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A decent instructor will teach you all you need to know. :D

The Meterology stuff is not hard, nor are the Air Law, Navigation.... and so on.

Learning to fly a Paramotor is not hard, its what you get up too afterwards that counts and determins how safe the sport is for you.

Pop along for a free taster day.


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Hello, my name is Viktor and live in Sweden.
Pop along for a free taster day.

Simon you are a cheeky bugger at times :lol::lol::lol:

Hi Viktor, start saving and read everything you can about the sport, don't watch the youtube crash videos as it may put you off, or if you do watch them, try and work out what they did wrong so you can learn from their mistakes. I have heard that powerkiting with the large flexifoil kites can teach you a bit about wing handling so you may wish to have fun with one of those while you wait....

good luck.


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