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Starting your motor on the Ground

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If anybody sees me starting my motor on the ground for ANY REASON, you have my permission to give me a kick right up the arse - please.

I'll even buy you a pint that evening for the pleasure :-)


Note:  Too many incidents happening with motors started on the ground.

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I've seen the pictures and videos of major trauma from propeller strikes, yes there is videos on people walking into aircraft propellers, pay attention to what you do.


But when you have done your pre-flight check, checked the throttle wire and the throttle springs and all the other things,then I don't see a problem with starting the engine with one arm across the top cage and a firm grip (above the thrust line) and one knee in the harness back and one down to the ground. Unless you have a very powerful engine that is too much to handle for your body weight and strength.

Sure avoid it if you can. Personally I have a very strict ritual on how I handle my little engine on the ground. It's all about safety for me, but I guess some would argue that it's not safe because I also start it without having it on my back. I would never start my engine if I was distracted by something else . Some people do, and I think things like that is the biggest source to prop accidents, not starting it on the ground.

But I would not argue with you about first kickin your ass, then having a glass ^_^

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Just a quote from your link below:

'1. Start your machine with it on your back. To my knowledge, no pilot has EVER been hurt when this is done. If necessary, get a helper to pull the cord after explaining how to pull the cord and avoid the prop.'

Guys - this is just for me - it's  my arse and my money :-) :-) :-) :-)  

Maybe the two guys who have just had the incidents this year said the same as you above, but I would prefer the quoted text above 'NEVER'


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Casper this is 1 of the incidents not naming the person but in his own words.   

" Beautiful evening, not rushing, and everything set up perfectly with engine warmed up. Picked up the throttle to give a gentle run-up, and next thing I know there's a loud bang followed by a minced hand. Must have inadvertently squeezed the throttle without a firm grip on the frame. I have no recollection of the sequence, so this is speculation. With hindsight, perhaps run-ups should only be done with the unit on your back, but I've always seen it done from behind and went for the easy option."

And the outcome is " Index finger removed by surgeon, middle finger and thumb reconstructed." and he agree's he was lucky as could of been a lot worse !! 

we all like to think we are invincible until something happens but its like the old saying "shutting the gate after the horse has bolted" most accidents are avoidable with just common sense but some are not directly our fault.

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