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Trip to France


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Hi Guys , can anyone suggest some stop overs in France during April, were traveling in our Motorhome and plan on the first stop over at Mare De Vauville that looks perfect for some Paramotoring.

Was thinking of heading South following the coast  With priority on lots of flying from the beach.

Any tips would also be appreciated.


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Take your insurance certificate with you. Although most people seem to love aviation in France if you do get challenged you could be in big trouble if you can't show proof of insurance.

Check for military activity on this site: http://notamweb.aviation-civile.gouv.fr/

Tuesdays always seemed to be busy plus the jets don't stay inside the designated areas, they treat the whole of France as their playground, or so it seems.

Make sure you have a current chart. Look up ULM (microlight) clubs as PPG comes under the same banner, if your French is up to it.

Have fun.


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Thanks Alan, have recently bought 3rd party insurance through PMC and  a 1:500000 chart is on its way so hopefully all covered,

Currently I'm Qualified to NPPL for Microlights so hopefully should be able to avoid the handcuffs ??

just the bikini to order now,Thanks again.

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This site is useful for finding small airfields anywhere in France


Click on Bases at the top and then go to Carte Interactive

You can drag the circle to where ever you want on the map.  Click on a base and it will give you contact details etc.

There is also an app for your phone that does the same thing, it's called Basulm .  I know that it's good for Android, because I use it on Android, not sure about iphones.  It can be a bit confusing, but it's worth perssevering as there is so much good info.

And this is a good weather site  http://www.meteociel.fr/  Just put in your nearest town on the left hand side.

Bon chance!

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