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Just acquired an old Solo 210 - a few questions

Bob Moore

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Hi there, first post.  Been paragliding 15 years , 500 hours, but now going over to the dark side (or the light side!) I've been given a Solo 210, good nick generally, possibly never flown and maybe not even run in despite being 10 or 15 years old.  It needs a coil , HT lead, plug and a few bits but I have that sorted.  What I haven't been able to find is a user manual, maintenance manual, wiring diagram etc.  I have spent hours on Google without success, I thought finding a manual would be the easy bit!  Does anyone know a source please or have a pdf they could share?


Also, it needs a battery. The original 12v 3amp hasn't been used for ever and will not take a charge.  I have 3.3 amp 4s lipos kicking around as I fly models and having read that it's possible to convert figured I'd save a little weight and go that route. Has anyone knowledge or experience of this please?  I'd imagine it's just a question of changing the terminals?  But as I don't have a manual I don't even know if the solo 210 electric start actually charges it's 12v battery when running as this would cause issues if connected to a lipo which needs a special charger.  Any advice welcome, thanks.  

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Hi Kiwi K


Thanks for getting back (and you're right my first post was in fact two posts!)  Thanks for info about Lipo, I had seen the post about short bursts with the starter, and yes, saving a kilo or more is good news, that was part of my motivation. My old gel battery is 1.5 kgs.  I'm a light weight chap!  And I already have a lipo charger which of course is necessary.

Re the parts Dan Burton, lives in Topsham,, near Exeter, not all that far from me in fact. UK agent  for fresh breeze.  his e mail dan (at) freshbreezeuk (dot) com  he's on his hols in France skiiing at the moment but should be back at the weekend. If you Google him you'll see his phone number too, but I won't post it here for obvious reasons! 

Not sure about the cost yet. He's getting me an ht lead, plug and plug cap, coil and carb refurb kit.  But I got the motor for free and it seems it may have never even been flown.

I'm thinking of replacing all the fuel pipe work too as I had also read that air in system was a killer. Which of course it would be as the small carb pump is having to pump the fuel up from the tank lower down. Trouble is it's plastic pipe and it is very rigid now. Don't know if that's  age or should be like that?   

500 hours paragliding but zero with a motor so next step will be some tuition with Graham Phipps (Phippsy) Cloud Nine in Cornwall!

Web address is here which shows parts. He says readily available.  http://www.fresh-breeze.de/en/spare-parts/solo.html

Thanks for the offer of mailing a copy of a manual, it would be very useful.  bobtheflyer (at) gmail (dot) com  Does that have a wiring diagram in it?  Should be quite simple I guess. It's a magneto ignition so grounding the coil should shut the spark and stop the engine. I can't imagine it charges as there's no dynamo/alternator? I don't know though.

Apparently this is very simple popular motor that's used in a lot of applications so spares should be around for a while (so Dan told me anyway, I hope so.)

Actually , while I'm here there's another small mystery you may be able to answer?  On the right hand side of the motor not all that far from the carb and pull start there is a small tube that leads down a few cms to a small rubber cap  It may be redundant?  Or it may have been connected to something. Looks like it might have been a suction pipe to prime something? Any ideas please!  pics here https://goo.gl/photos/ykHqjxhHiTdEQLpa9   https://goo.gl/photos/BnAXcVcCnC4TJwm79


Maybe bump into you on a flying site sometime. I might go to parafest this year, either with motor or just pg.   




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2 hours ago, kiwi k said:

So further down the road we can now say you have a Solo engine'd paramotor but Bob if post a picture we might be able to confirm which frame or make of Paramotor it is :D

I did consider that in my first post but the file limit is 0 .15 mbs   153.6  kbs   , that is not a lot!  My phone pics are bigger,  than that unfortunately.


I'll e mail you them mate.

Cage says Fly products. Seems to be from around 1997 ish. 

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2 hours ago, Bob Moore said:


Thanks, any idea where it would be connected?

No, to the prime carb you just press gently in the bottom of the metal plate on carb where the hole is while pressing plastic fuel prime bulb

Only thing with Walbro you to set the pop off pressure.

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Hi Bob

I have changed  the lead battery on my Bailey jpx over to a lithium battery.I used a bosch 18 volt drill battery , took it out of the case and stuffed it inside some heatshrink. (Mine was an 18volt system). I use a lithuim  charger for it.

I have completely disconnect and removed the charger circuit .

It saved me over 1kg in weight. 

I get more than 50 starts out of 1 charge and have never had any problems with  flat batteries  again.



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2 hours ago, kiwi k said:

Oops forgot looking at picture with the spare pipe it looks like to me the left over cases and sleeves from an HT lead.

yes that makes sense.  It looks like it has a core.

Just heard from Dan at Freshbreeze, doesn't look like he can source my coil though he can get others for solo 210

I found this site that lists it , most parts on their diagram available.  But that coil 'no longer available' :( 



Don't suppose anyone knows a source for 23 00 487 please, or compatible part?  

Looks like this motor will not be running again otherwise. :(



Image breakdown vsmall.jpg


This company has a few coils, described as solo, but of course even if the fixings are the same the core position is crucial as it's a magneto ignition and the timing of the spark will depend on the coil. It would be an expensive game to try a few out without knowing.



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Apparently that motor is used in quite a few applications, leaf blowers for example, which is how I found the other coils. But it needs to be the right replacement. 

I messaged the guy you mentioned and will see what the company in Spain says.

Fingers crossed.


Thanks for help anyway.

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