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what one did u get ?

I'm looking at the leccy clutch job. Vince ain't got one in stock, but I'm going to pay him a visit friday and have a good nosey around what he has got.

My main concerns are around assembly/disassembly...


basically the 'garage' at the back of the motorhome is a limited size. My old top80 2 part cage was great -you just slipped top part of cage in, and the whole thing slipped into sideways into the garage.

no removing props, etc, etc.

The bailey - more hassle - since the arms don't fold down flat, it wouldn't go in sideways - so cage had to be taken off, prop off and then pushed in backwards.

this means cage has to be assembled every time and the prop put on and off.

BUT, I can keep cage assembled in 2 halfs, and the prop is a single bolt, so it's not so bad.

IF I had to disassemble the air conception every time it would be much more of a pain in the ar4e... cage far more faffing about to assemble, plus 6 bolts for prop everytime . urg - my first paramotor back in 2006 was a castellucio with a similar cage (the 4 bits and the nasty netting and springs - I bloody hated faffing about with it).

So what I need to try out is:

1. can it fit sideways like the old pap.

2. if not and arms are stopping it, is removing the arms everytime maybe still less hassle than fanning about with cage/prop (unfortunately unlike the bailey arms there's perhaps a lack of though went into the design there, and they are not easy to remove - a bailey type R-clip type connector could have made these far easier to remove/replace (must be others who would benefit also from this?... on that subject - assembling videos wise it looks like its a metal to metal rotational join at the arm too ?(it talks about leaving a small amount of gap so it can move freely)... that's also a bit of a poor design - any metal to metal friction should be avoided - a simple nylon washer here would have solved both the gap problem, and the metal friction surely ?

3. if I get it in sideways, can I have cage sort of assembled, but just 'in half' ? i.e. top half pulled off the hoop and laid down across the front or summit.

If all that fails, then the option is that when I'm away in the van not just for the day - I assemble it once, and then store it on the bike rack at the back - this fits 4 bikes, so 80kg+ is fine (I can swing on it).. so might make most sense to do it that way if the alternative is disassemble it completely - I reckon an ali plate bolted onto bike wheel holders, and some quick release locks onto the frame bottom, plus using one of the bike frame locks to keep it in place, etc. (and a tarp over it for waterproofing)

I think that's gonna be the main things I need to look at with Vince tbh. 

From what I've read - it's getting a pretty much unequaled positive reception around the world otherwise. 

I might take some piccies on friday on fitment incase it helps anyone else with similar transport/storage concerns.

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I think AC have just introduced a quick-release for the arms. Seems it's basically a nut with a formed plastic cover which allows you to put it on and take it off without a spanner.

I always liked the Nitro in theory (especially now they have electric start on a clutched motor!) but the fact that, like you say, there is metal-to-metal contact on the arms/frame plus the arms are held on with a threaded bolt has always made me think that is poor design. The bolt should have a shank, at the very least, and why there is no nylon insert anywhere I cannot understand. But, it seems, there have been no complaints or failures with this so maybe the design is good. Just feels wrong.  

As regards packing the camper, I think you should feel some empathy for those pilots who turn up with everything stuffed in the back of a saloon car! :-) 

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I have the 130 AC as you say there's no nylon washer either ' has 16 hours on it so far and no noticeable wear or play on that joint 

the bolt still a good fit , and does have a shank on it . My miniplane has the nylon washer fitted on same type of joint. Whether it's because its titanium may not need them .   

Cas .

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Yup... not only that but I ordered one ! Leccy clutch job... so both baileys on the classified section now !

as Steve says new ones have quick release arms so that should help fitting it in garage, plus I think when I'm on longer trips I'll assemble it once I get to destination then just keep it mounted on my rear bike rack with a tarp over it.

vince says it does have a nylon washer now for the arms by the way.

even with arms on though it does fit in sideways into motorhome garage with the prop on. We even got it in there with the bottom half of the cage on.

ill have to fiddle to find the best compromise of having it as fully assembled as possible and still getting it in the garage when I get it.

tomorrow I'm gonna CAD design some nylon mounts for the bike rack that the arms will clip into and print them out on the 3D printer.

that plus a little Ali floor plate should allow the bike rack to do bike duties or paramotor duties - paramotor secured via a couple of reusable tie wraps or Velcro straps to base, and same to the nylon mounts to the arms. Should be able to mount/dismount in under a minute.

ive ordered some white tarp, and will cut and rig up a waterproof cover for it too.

and I'll work on a storage solution tomorrow for the bike in the garage... as that'll have to go in there if the nitro is on the back.




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I think yer talking about Paul Martin fellow paramotor it's. He's just 10 miles from me. I've tried to get hold of him on his YouTube channel without success. I'll see if I can get in touch via eBay then...though I've already bought 40 quid worth of tarp, polyethylene glue and eye rivets now.

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