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Sweden schools of paramotor

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My name is Dan 

I'm an English and I love all things flying, I am a skydiving instructor with 4000 skydive's and have completed about 11 hours of instruction flying planes (too expensive) 

So here I find myself pretty keen on getting started flying paramotors a nice combination and powered flight and canopy control.

For the summer months I live and work near Göteborg, I will be coming back in April,

So my question; does anybody know of any schools in the mid/south of Sweden (near goteborg) that operates weekday training in English that could help me towards getting in the air with power? 

Thanks for the help 



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Great thanks ollegartell and simon 

it can be tricky searching from another country! Especially when your useless at the language! 

Does anybody know what the rules of flying here are? Like lisence requirements? Can I train in the uk and fly in Sweden? Or do I need a Swedish lisence? Someone said something about appi? 



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"Sweden accepts and follows the international pilot licence system "IPPI" and it is highly recommended to have an IPPI licence card with you when flying in Sweden."

Closest paramotor training is in Vårgårda with Christer http://www.paramotorskolan.se/ 60 km from Göteborg.

And you also have a skydiving club in Vårgårda :)

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Casper thanks buddy 

That is exellent news! I live on the airport in vargarda! Don't know how I hadn't heard about this before! 

Ooooo I'm so exited to get flying! 

So if your near skovde Casper we will have to go for a fly when I'm all trained and ready to go I will also be doing some work jumping in skovde! 



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