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Ok so I've been here for quite a while now and I don't mind saying how much I like the PMC, the forum a great source of information and the Flyin's for the super sites, people, atmosphere it's become for me & the wife something we enjoy throughout the year. I'm always on here banging on about coming to the Flyins etc and one reason I'm finding myself writing this post is to say to all those who haven't yet come along,even just for the day to watch or join in you really should, for those new to the sport or wanting to see if it's for them etc get yourself along I see so many newbies asking, what to do how to do it, and to be honest you won't go far wrong coming along and seeing for yourself Simon organises the events for us New and old so if you are thinking I need to be flying or I need to be in training No just come along and have some fun. 

Ok just needs to get that of me chest Nuff said 

ta ta 


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41 minutes ago, alan_k said:

Now that I am in the UK I am looking forward immensely to meeting all the reprobates that have only so far appeared as little avatars on here 3637.gif

Booked in for the whole weekend of the Seven Bore fly in, whoopee.


Maybe we get to see the master rebrobate !!!!

will be nice to meet you Alan 

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