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2017 PARAFEST. caerwys

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ahhh... paid for the 2017 tickets.. i just like to say ive been to all the parafest events.and the very best was at caerwys. plenty of entertainment... plenty of flying..  plenty of socializing. and we have the beach. coast to admire and see.. we all have the entertainment.. trade stands.. food. music.. etc. and myself being like peter pan. oh hang on ...booze after flying.. a drink or two with friends.. all sorted by mark meds and marshalls.. thank you all for 2016 event ;0)  well sorted.  regards TONYPARAMOTOR

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Started with a revo2 now have a synth 2 , miniplane that a got last year from parafest. Also have a airconception race 130 .

Been flying obsessively for just over a year but living near heathrow airport not as much as I'd like to " initially my mate was got me in to paramotoring had my first flight from a small field , had roll bails of hay out the way to make a landing area ' anyway then I signed up with Simon on a pmc course to learn how not to kill myself .

cas .    Ps come to think of it . My first ever flight was off a hill at Sussex, I told the instructor I've flown before . ( total lie ) I'd seen how other pilots were launching off the hill so I copied that ' top to bottom with unintentional turn to the left ... 

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