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Trike exemption, insurance issues BHPA.

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I have just been chatting on facebook with Marc from the BHPA. Among other things the most important thing with regards to the trike exemption that can now be applied for is:

If you are currently a BHPA member and seeking a trike exemption from the CAA, although you may get the exemption from the CAA, the BHPA insurance will NOT cover you to fly your trike. 

I am quite surprised to hear this to be honest be hey ho... it is what it is. 

To confirm: 

I have spoken to our insurers and they agree that if an exemption in in place that it makes it legally flown and there for WILL cover trikes with medical exemption in place. 

As an existing BHPA member, you can get cross rated to the PMC and get insurance for your wheels. 

Happy to chat about this 07983 428 453 or post below. 


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Thanks Simon,

the insurance bit puzzles me a little, generally. As a member of the BHPA there is insurance included, right? Then I was told I need additional cover.

Then there is special travel-paramotor-insurance when travelling abroad. Which bits are covered by the BHPA and what is the additional insurance for?

Is there a section here in the forum that explains the 'legal' side of the flying business?

Many thanks


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