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Paramotor Holiday info. :-) :-)

admin (Simon W)

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1 hour ago, reactionjackson said:

Jeez... comments like that should be a violation of forum code of conduct. Just imagine if one of our wives saw it!

If she see's this Mr Blue Hat ya gonna be out of favour lol 

i will be on the next one for sure 

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Simon - I assume the kit transfer includes paramotor and wing; does it also include a bag of other stuff (helmet, tools,headache etc)? I have a holdall with all my poorly sorted paraphernalia and will need to look at hold baggage if you are only moving the motor and wing (or packing it properly if there is a bag size limit) - also what is the plan for fuel? I have a plastic 5 ltr can I normally use - could that also go on the transport (empty obvs)?

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Morning all, :-) time to answer some questions for you all. 

Van Questions:

When do we need to bring our paramotors and wings down to you?

There is no actual date, but all kit must be with me by a week before 

I want to send a box in the van with my wing and paramotor. This will have a reserve, cage spars + netting, spares and some of my flying kit in it. Is this OK?

If everything is in a box, that makes things nicer for the loading of course. I get that some motors don't break down into boxes so these will have to be broken down and wrapped enough that your happy for it to be in the back of a van for 3000 miles. 

Now the pain in the ass - I really want to send 2 maybe 3 props down, is this OK? They are wooden and do not halve down. I’d wrap and protect them, just don’t want to take them on the plane.

Spare props are OK, The idea is to have an empty box on the van that we can put them all in, please mark your props clearly with your name.

Do we need to take many/any tools– will you have some we can all use? If not, what should we take… can we send some down with our kit?

I will be taking a comprehensive tool kit for the groups use so unless you have a 'special tool' that you need for your motor, it would be better to keep tools down to a minimum.

My bulldog/moster doesn’t break down too much. Should I stretch wrap it to help you? Do I need to drain all the fuel out of it?

Please make sure that your motors tank is empty (the same for your petrol can)

In Spain Questions:

What radio should we take 2m or airband? Any point taking a sena Bluetooth set – is anyone else on it?

Lets have that conversation now :-) I am not sure what people have. I have a 2 Meter and an airband which I will be taking.

I think we’ve liaised about the collection from Barcelona… certainly a group of us arriving within a short space of time from x 3 UK airports. Will everyone + kit fit in a single vehicle or is it multiple runs?

I will be arranging for a small bus so that we can all get in, a group of 3 are hiring a car also for the week so transfer space is for 7 people.Those people in my mind are: @rigger @Karl Jarvis @X300CON 

Do we need to take sleeping bags? Are we sleeping in a dorm/sharing rooms?

No need to take sleeping bags, the rooms are varied but all are double and one is a triple. Basically, we have hired out an entire B&B. 

I understand we need beer money… anything else (just thinking about how much cash to take here).

Beer Money, Petrol Money, emergency get home money on standby is my advice. 

Do I need to take flying boots if we are always using a beach?

Your call, we have mountains behind us as well which can be explored. 

Air Maps/Navigation equipment needed (i.e. is it a Spanish regulation)? I do not own/use a GPS. I can use my phone with skyflyhy if needed though.

As long as you have some form of current chart for the area, I am happy. I will be printing the area from my RunwayHD app so that people have a copy. (The max alt is 1000ft so an altimeter is a good idea!) 

Is there much flying over water? I have a powerfloat fitted… but do I need to take my personal lifejacket thingy too? If so I’ll have to remember to send on the van due to the CO2 canister.

I am not a fan of people flying over water (with or without a flotation device) Personally I will be staying glide clear all the time. I recommend others do the same but again, your the pilot in command so its your call. :-)

SW :D 



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E-111 medical card. 

For those of you coming to Spain on the holiday. I highly recommend that you click this link and apply for your E-111 medical card.

Apply for a European Health Insurance Card

Apply for or renew your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) if you’re from the UK, European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland.

An EHIC lets you get state healthcare in other EEA countries and Switzerland at a reduced cost or sometimes for free.

There has been no change to the rights and status of EU nationals in the UK, and UK nationals in the EU, as a result of the referendum.

Start nowon the NHS Choices service



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SO - ready for paramotorclub.org trip to Spain and I said I would post pics of box packing... One easy pull along Stanley FatMax
Parajet Zenith with Polini Thor80 l/c, harness (still attached),
fuel tank (empty), otherwise disassembled plus spare parts
Helmet, Radio headset, 2 pmr radios, Motul oil, measuring jug, jiggle hose, basic toolkit, flying suit, gloves, Nirvana Agama water rescue system
Ozone roadster 2 wing - concertina packed.







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