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hi beddo as you know i live in uk. near a place called chequers its where the british pm stays to chill out. i see by your name your a american.so do you live here in uk or usa?   and you mentioned your flying.. that you have had 3 flights. that sets me back some years... flying like a bird. or flying like peter pan.iam in no hurry to grow .. up. flying is like life. always learning.... there be good.and bad... abit like the weather. i like the sunsets and i imagine iam on mars... its like a different world.  mind you i have a very good imagination. while flying you will make mistakes... you will put the prop through the wing lines.you will fall over... you will not land on your legs  etc   just as long as you can walk away. youll fly another day... ill keep in touch   fly safe beddo  ;0)      enjoy

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