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niviuk kougar 2 speed...??


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Hi all

I was looking in to maybe purchasing  the niviuk kougar 2, does anybody own one? if so i would like to hear there personal views and thoughts on it... and also what sort of flying speed would you expect to get out of it...I.E trims in and fully trimmed out etc..? Has anyone test flown one up against other wings side by side in the air..??

Look forward to hearing your thoughts and experiences

safe flying 


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I had the Kougar 2 size 23 on demo. This wing is so easy to launch my own wing is a Paramania GTX 24. The Kougar is a couple of km an hour slower at all same trim setting. But speed is not every thing, the Kougar does not have that annoying oscilation that you can get on the GTX. I flew the Kougar with the tip steering line tied to the brake handles and I had to shorten the wing tip lines by 10 cm to get lovely precise handling. This wing was solid and stable on XC straight line flying but good fun to throw about as well. If you can get a demo go for it as its a really good wing

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