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Tuning Moster carburettor


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I am sure this topic has been covered before . I can not get pop off pressure or reset pressure from Vittorazzi so I have just looked at other engines and took an average from that. I also set the lever height from walbro site.

  I start at factory settings then open low screw till it offers to bog down on rapid acceleration then weaken it again till I get a nice fast clean response on acceleration. The hi screw is set over time to give a nice spark plug colour.

  Can any body tell me how they set up there carbs and its probably the same for all 2 strokes with Walbro 32 carb? 

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What lever height are you using - is it 1.45mm?

What pop-off pressure did you settle on?

I`ve never been able to find a definative answer either, and am thinking about 10 - 12 psi?

How are you measureing your pop-off - with one of the dedicated pop-off pumps/gauges - does it work OK?

Do you take the mixing chamber cover off that side of the carb when checking pop-off?

I`ve never been entirely satisfied with my measurements as i think either i`m doing it wrong or the extra tubes to/from the primer bulb is affecting my measurement...

Like you my high speed adjustment has been done over time to get a nice `rich tea biscuit` colour on the plug and by throttle response and `feel` when on the ground.

My low speed i do mostly by ear/feel: starting with the factory 0.25 turns out it`s easy to tell when it`s rich because it `four strokes` and jumps around a lot on the rubber mountings.

Too lean and the idle races and the engine exhaust sounds `weak` - also it may even stop as the fuel is used up in the mixing chamber. At this point it`ll probably hesitate when blipping the throttle,too.

I go mid way just before the engine start to bog/hesitate when the throttle is snapped open, or get to that point then open up a tad.

I think i`m just under one-quarter turn out on the low and just over one turn out on the high.

The Vitorazzi factory settings made my Mosters` plug BLACK and i was getting 6L/h, it`s now down to under 4...

This is not advice for carb adjustment for any other motor - always set your own carb to your particular engine!!


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Thanks for both replies Hann. Lever setting 1.45 mm below carb body ( no gasket). Pop off 10--12 psi but must not leak at 8 psi. I do use a home made set up which is a pressure gauge same as refrigeration engineers use a tee piece and a small hand bulb with some tubing. I do it with cover off carb so I can see if needle valve is leaking at 8 psi. You must have some petrol in carb to wet needle valve.

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