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Giles is OK :-) (but feeling a little silly) Powerline Crash

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Giles, although feeling silly is OK (thank fck!) :-) 

He is an insured pilot through the BHPA so all good on that front. :-) 

Sacha has put a positive spin on it already to the national media saying that it highlights the biggest swan killer and gives her a chance to talk about it !! lolol 

He is in hospital overnight to make sure he does not turn into 'Lightning Man!' in his sleep, his kit is taken care off and safe. 



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Hi all, I'm better today. My hands and lower arm took the electrical blast. Had it gone across my chest it would be a different story I wouldn't be telling. Lots of factors lead to the incident.  Long story short, low level sun, paralax, dark wires, high visual work load and a small land field and engine vibration all added to it. I'm not saying it wasn't my fault but accidents are not normally the result of just one thing. But a least I'm here so others can learn from my misfortune.  

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