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I'm supposed to be learning to fly a paramotor over the Easter fortnight, and up till now, there has not been a single day suitable for training. Next week isn't looking much better from the forecasts either.

This is just SO frustrating. I've not flown on my PPL for about 4 years because of the cost and this was going to be my route back into the air, a place I truly love to be. That quote, often attributed to DaVinci, about once you've been in the air you will forever live with your eyes turned heavenwards has more than a taste of truth for me.

I don't know whether it is more or less frustrating for you guys and girls who can already fly, but at least you can chin wag about your experiences, I don't even have that luxury. At least my workshop is providing a little respite, with the new throttle assembly taking shape (would there be a market for nice turned aluminium throttles?).

As I'm not working this week, having taken off the time to fly, the forums are getting more than their fair share of browsing. What do you lot do to stem those pangs of longing (other than resort to sex)?

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Well Ive been watching the Donegal lads flying at Mayo last summer on Gordon's Vid. Flying by proxy!

I've also been working on my new website jfdiuk.com in preparation for guiding paramotorists new and old to european destinations.

Frustrating but not wasted; research into air law, flight theory, navigation, meteorology all good stuff. Also looking at the finer details of motor units and their construction. Many have quite poor throttle controls (often just a bit of bent tube welded together. A nicely produced one with in built displays for fuel level and/or housing for a tinyTach would get you at least one customer! Also the trigger arc is often not ergonomic; invent a damped, progressive, short-range squeeze that is matches the hand's articulation would be a major step forward.

It will be flyable soon!

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Hi, I share the frustation, been waiting weeks for first powered flight and closest I've come is a tandem paraglider flight whilst on holiday. I did manage to fly the C172 on Wednesday before the fronts came through to get an aviation fix though. Roll out summer!!

Cheers, Rocco.

P.S. Francis, like the idea of your new site. As a Paramotorist myself but you having a foor in both camps, what would be the route to getting a FAI approved certificate?

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Well at the moment I'm working round a turned aluminium grip with knurled diamond check strips round it, and using a mountain bike brake lever for the trigger. I want to mount start, stop and transmit buttons on the grip and am trying to devise an orientation that can become intuitive and will prevent accidental operation of the wrong button. This will probably be in a delrin insert in the grip end. Thoughts at the moment are split between having start or stop as the easiest to access under the thumb on the top, although there might be space for both. The transmit button will probably fall under the index finger Coming up with an elegant housing for even the small dimensions of a tiny tach is quite tough, and I'm thinking of having the tacho on my rig as a flight deck item instead of throttle handle.

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FAI approved certificate.

Depends which country you are in and which one you want to do your flying in and for how many days!!!!

If you are UK resident and want to fly more than 60 days in europe a BHPA license will not do as your insurance runs out after 60.

BMAA would be OK for more than 60 days (I think) but you need separate third part liability insurance (e.g.On-Risk).

If in Ireland you need an IAA exemption as well as a FAI approved cert.

BMAA and BHPA have assessment schemes for pre-existing pilots (however trained) to obtain a license. The hardest bit is often finding an assessor. The cheapest is to join a BHPA club and get the Cheif Coach to sign you off. There is an exam and you need to produce a log book to show your hours and flight experience and also show your basic skills in action.

Otherwise somone like Airways in Derbyshire or Flight Culture in Dorset and some others (I think there is a list on this site somewhere) and pay for a conversion/assessment course.

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