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Titanium Parajet Volution.

admin (Simon W)

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So I got to have a fly on my new Titanium Parajet Volution today and I have to say that I was very impressed!

Weather, Thermic

Wing Synth

Motor As above

I have to also say, I know I am a dealer so please dont take my word for it come and have a fly I will even pay for the petrol.

Full power, Full speed, Climbing nicely and flying in equilibrium mode involved nothing more than coming of the power, no aysimetric settings on the trimmers or Spreader bars, to be honest I dont know how it works but it works. ( that said it still dont like turning in to the torque 'which I juist had to test' ) I think that this is going to be the norm for all paramotors ever. The equilibirum flight though was a pleasure!

It responds to weight shift very well indeed. (nothing like free flying of course but it is great to be able to hang out of the side of the harness and face the ground again)

Didnt feel as though I was getting thrown around as much as I was expecting from the low hangpoints which was nice :D

Thrust was 'more than enough' to get me well of the ground and climb out of sink at full speed with full trim. (and there was some big sink!) I dont know if it is almost to much more than enough?? but then I could have got the smaller motor for my weight. (didnt due to demoing it)

Getting in to the harness involved a bit of a shuffle but then it is the first time I have had it in the air and it needs tweeking, and once in it harness is nice and snug and comfy. Getting back out, no problem at all.

I found that the hand grip took a little getting used to on the ground before I could take off but have already decided that it is a great design and works perfectly with the TST of my Synth and any other TST mini toggles I am sure.

As and when I have more of a play, I will give more info.

Again, if you want a fly, please pop down to Lambourn and fly it for yourself. (Warning, you will want one I recon)

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So I have had another great flight in the Parajet already this morning :D Sets you up for the day :D:D

This time (due to the silky morning air) I flew up to 2000ft in what seemed like no time at all. I then killed the motor and wound my way back down to 500ft, weight shifting and a little bit of input with half trim makes for some great fun indeed! so..... I did it again twice more.

Dare I say it, I was starting to miss free flying a little bit but now I am not :D

The maddest thing is that Parajet make an even smaller motor than the one I have and I know it would do the trick for me 100%

I can not reccomend this motor enough for distance, comfort, and fun. It realy is a portable hill (get the height, turn it off, thermal until your hearts content.

I am buzzing and feel very lucky indeed to be in a position where I have a Titanuim Parajet!!! Thanks to all who have helped me to get to this point, Giles, Simon P, Terry W, Both the robs, and everyone else who is supporting the club and me.

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Hi Simon, What a day Monday was, still buzzing. Waiting so long and then to get introduced to you one day and get converted in one complete day, but the weather was good to us as well. Looking forward to news of the Parajet, sending of the registration papers today.

To others reading this. I have found Simon to be an exceptional instructor with so much enthusiasm and also for being safety aware as well. If your thinking of taking up Powered Paragliding you can't go far wrong with the Lambourn Club.

Cheers Simon.

Regards Mike

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