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Feasibility of adding electric start to ROS 125 or flash starter


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Hi. Firstly I am a beginner and havent yet flown this  -my first ever - motor. I am getting familiar with the motor and know now that it will start from cold with a few pulls and once warm it should start on the next pull - however -even with the decompression button pushed in -its not a particularly easy start. I have been starting the motor on the ground as it needs a fast hard pull to get it going -but I had it going and knelt down to get into the harness and as I stood up with the engine on my back, it cut out. So I asked my mate who was there for safety and help (over 6 foot ex security guard), to pull start the engine and he couldnt do it - - but he wasnt putting enough 'snap' into the pull -not turning it over fast enough to get it started - and I am seriously doubting my ability to manually start the motor if it cut out, mid air when I am using one arm - plus the fact that I would need to get the decompression button back in to do so..

I am not so bothered whether it be electric or manual, I just want it to be physically easy to do and a button press seems like the easiest mode of operation, however I know there will need to be some engineering involved, which is where I am fortunate as near where I live there is a kind of club of experienced professional engineers that have offered help - but I was curious if anyone had any experience with anything like this....or alternative suggestions.. Thanks.

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I made a video about priming and starting the motor. I should mention that when you do your quick hard tug to have on about 1/3 throttle to fire it up.

Also, I find that if I flood it, tip it on its side for five seconds, then put it back vertical and I see fuel drip out the air box, the next hard yank with 1/3 throttle is guaranteed to start it. If I tip it over and no fuel drips out when it goes back vertical, there is a good chance it won't start.



Lemme know if you have more questions. 

And here is someone else's setup for pushing in that decompression button while the unit is on your back. The vertical metal plate is held there at the bottom by a large metal worm hose clamp wrapped around the clutch housing (the part on the engine with the four holes where you can see inside to the spinning clutch wheel).



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